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Goat Project

Our links with Soroti go back to our first visit in 1994. In 2001 we began support for a carpentry workshop, a bakery and a reconditioned vehicle. (see Past Projects)

In 2006 we encouraged the establishment of a separate Development Board (linked to Soroti DC) which in turn facilitated discussions with villagers as to the type of support they would prefer. Out of this came a RURAL GOATS PROJECT, involving the training of village 'animators' (equipped with bikes) to bring advice on husbandry, import of 12 improved South African billy goats for breeding and distribution of goats to 650 needy families in Soroti and Kumi districts (families with widows, orphans or HIV dependencies). The goats were given on the understanding that the family would give away the first kid to another family.

The project has been most successful, many goats producing twins (even some triplets and a quad!) several families 'trading up' goats for cattle as time goes on and we are keen to continue the support with similar RURAL AGRICULTURE PROJECT over the foreseeable future. We have been keen to listen to the local people, and understand that the provision of oxen for ploughing is high on their wish list.